This self-paced master class & training, teaches what mindfulness and meditation are, and gives an in-depth understanding of what meditative yoga means. Including an overview of the Ashtanga or 8-limbed yoga of Patanjali’s Raja yoga. Explore what meditation is, why we should practice meditation. Included is an overview of stress and its effects on the body and mind. Discover a multitude of ways to meditate, and that a meditative state of being is the ultimate goal of yoga. This class will give you “tools for your toolbox” for your practice. For teachers you can confidently discuss meditation with others and guide them in meditation.

Because meditation and mindfulness are SO important in today’s world, we have created this class for :

  • yoga teachers looking for CEUs
  • individuals who are looking to become a certified mindfulness & meditation teacher who are not yoga teachers
  • those looking to better understand meditation and mindfulness and the yoga connection, giving them the tools to create and maintain a regular meditation practice

The cost is $1200 for Yoga Teachers looking for CEUs or those looking to become certified to teach meditation.

$800 for those looking to gain more knowledge about mindfulness & meditation.

A $300 non-refundable deposit is required upon registration.

Discount available for payment in full save 16%

Use code: MMM16 when registering and paying in full.