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I started going to Just Breathe in 2015 after driving past it twice a day for several years. At first, I began to take classes to stretch and strengthen my body and help relieve stress. After a few years and several chakra classes later, I had learned how to listen to my body and my heart. 

Fast forward to 2020, the year the world stopped abruptly.  I had stopped going to yoga regularly and then the only way to attend was virtually. I was so preoccupied with my job (that turned into 7 days a week all hours of the day job) and working from home a lot more than I’d done when at the office.  I had stopped listening to my body and went into a constant state of fight or flight or nonstop anxiety and stress. Nicole recognized this in me and invited me to try a private class virtually.  After the first class I realized that I had forgotten how to breathe, how to listen to my body. I felt just how much stress was filled in my body. I began taking weekly private classes because this worked best for me and allowed Nicole to personalize the session to my needs

Over the course of the last 10 months, I’ve been able to take weekly private sessions and have learned:

  • How to breathe (Move on the exhale) 
  • How to let go of stress and what doesn’t serve my higher good.  (inhale …. So…… exhale….hum)
  • How to listen to my body (well I’m still learning this ???? )
  • I learned there is peace in the pause and it’s okay to shed tears on your yoga mat. (Sometimes you gotta let go what’s stored in your body and it’s not always just physical things that are causing your pain)
  • It’s okay to have a different pose than the next person (it’s a practice snd practice makes perfect and you are perfectly you) 
  • That yoga is for any body and everybody 

Having Nicole guide me and help me make the connections to the aches in my body and the blockages in my chakras has opened me up and allowed me to become more aware of myself. Which let’s be honest —- sometimes we tend to put ourselves last.

I cannot say enough about or sing a sweeter praise to Nicole for all she has done and continues to do for me. Thank you, Nicole, for being my guru, my teacher & my friend.

Namaste-Jessica Fletcher

Hello everyone! My name is Christine Benedetto, and I have been a patron at Just Breathe Yoga studios for about six years now! 

When I first attended a class to tryout yoga, I came with the mindset of intimidation and worry! However, those feelings were quickly put to rest, when I met Nicole and saw how deeply devoted and patient she was to, not only me, but also to all of her clientele – no matter what their level of or knowledge in yoga was! 

Nicole quickly put my heart and mind to rest, embraced the very little knowledge I had of Yoga! I quickly caught and loved practicing with her, because she was so kind and met me where I was at and fully supported me as I learned!

I continued regular yoga classes, encouraged others to join in, whether it was Nicole’s offering them a free class, bringing someone during February share the love month or simply taking advantage of the free class Giving Board that she has put in place! That proved to be a true blessing for several friends and family, who are now yogis too!

In October 2019, I was violently assaulted at work, and subsequently have been out of work since that time! During the last two and a half years, I have suffered an immense amount of physical emotional and spiritual pain! As a result of all the stress, last February of 2021, my body shut down, and I began to experience adrenal failure! This was an extremely scary time for not only myself but also my family! I needed constant care and help, was put on an enormous regiment of vitamin & nutritional supplements, had to drastically alter my diet and wasn’t able to physically do any type of exercise whatsoever! Once again, I found myself fearful and in a constant state of anxiety! However, once again, those feelings did not last long, because as soon as Nicole found out how sick I was, she encouraged me to come take some private classes with her! Bring so weak and scared, I was reluctant to attend class with her – (my apprehension was solely out of my own fear)- but knowing how much Nicole had helped before, I trusted her immensely and agreed to attend! That turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made in my life! Her gentleness and patience with me was above reproach! she worked with me several times a week, and every session showed me love, kindness & caring that was vital in my healing!

I am happy to report that, literally almost one year later to the date, I am healthy and strong – mentally physically emotionally and spiritually!!! 

I’m grateful to God first foremost and to Nicole for Him having put her in my life and giving her the knowledge and skill set to support and love others no matter what level they are at, where they are in their life or what they might be facing! 

I hope this testimony will encourage those that might be struggling with something they don’t think that they can overcome, to reach out to Nicole, follow her guidance and wisdom in yoga and open your life up to Blessed and better days!

Thanking for taking the time to allow me to share my story! Enjoy the day and Namaste to you all

I began my yoga practice to reduce severe stress and anxiety.  Not only did the practice bring centering, mental clarity and healing, it gave me physical strength and toning I couldn’t achieve at the gym.
After a few months and major improvements in my own life, I thought this would be an excellent therapy for helping me father who suffered a crippling stroke. 
When my dad began his practice (via private sessions, chair yoga) he was experiencing severe mobility issues, decreasing stability and significant hip response delays and arthritis pain. 
Nicole recognized his challenges and customized a therapy plan that met him where he was. We started with very basic, low strain seated in a chair poses. From there the practice grew into low impact mat work, as he became able to get on the floor (with assistance).
In just a few months of weekly sessions he is now able to walk without a cane, outdoors. He can stand straight, the pain and inflammation is dramatically reduced. The improvements are so significant that he is able to walk mostly unassisted on sidewalks (which was nearly impossible previously).
We’ve found that just the weekly sessions have allowed for a tremendous improvement in life quality and have assisted in his ability do physical therapy more effectively, walk outdoors, stabilize mood, gain the strength to practice swimming and more. 
I’d strongly recommend this studio (both class and private sessions) to anyone who is struggling with stress, anxiety, injury, TBI and more. It’s also a great way to get fit, notably if you loathe the gym. -Jessica Fountain