Book Club

Please Note: Due to the Labor Day holiday, and yoga teacher training starting, there is no book club for September. Our book for October is…


Synopsis:  An international cast of suspects, all passengers on the crowded train, are speeding through the snowy European landscape when a bizarre and terrible murder brings them to an abrupt halt. One of their glittering number lies dead in his cabin, stabbed a mysterious twelve times. There is no lack of clues for Poirot – but which clue is real and which is a clever plant? Poirot realises that this time he is dealing with a murderer of enormous cunning and that in a case frought with fear and inconstencies only one thing is certain – the murderer is still aboard the train waiting to strike again..

Book Club will be Columbus Day, Monday, October 9th at 6:30pm following the 5:30pm Beginner’s Yoga class