One Year Since Reopening! Thank You!

We just wanted to take a moment to reflect on all that has happened since we were able to reopen our doors to the in-studio classes one year ago. We want to first say THANK YOU to everyone who has come back to classes in-studio over the past year, whether is has been for a public group in-studio, or private or semi-private we are grateful to have you back. For those that take classes online, whether you started with us during the shutdown or have since joined us online, we love seeing you as well. Watching both the in-studio and online portions of classes grow and evolve after reopening with the hybrid studio model has been a thrill to see. our hybrid model is not limited to just yoga classes, but trainings as well.

Thank you EVERYONE for ALL of your support we are here, growing and thriving. As we muddle our way through this post-COVID world together, we want everyone to know how much we appreciate each and every member of the JBYS, JBRYS community. Much Peace, Light, Love & health to everyone!

Affiliate member of the Simple Ayurveda Collective