Special Events

Remember to sign-up EARLY to take advantage of the “Early-Bird” Pricing***! Additionally,we REQUIRE a minimum of 5 pre-registrants(unless otherwise noted) for any session, workshop or event to run, otherwise they will be cancelled due to lack of interest

Make Your Own Beauty Products
Wednesday, September 6th at 7pm

If you love essential oils, you’ll love this DIY (do it yourself) class.
Come join Vickie Galster and create custom, homemade, oil-infused products. Vickie has enough supplies for 6 people to each make 3 items: lotion, spritzer and lip balm! Natural, toxic-free products for yourself or the upcoming gift-giving season.
Cost is $12. Class is limited to SIX (6) people.
Please be sure to sign up by September 5th



Mindful Yoga & Metta for Peace
Thursday, September 21st 5:15-6:45pm

Join Nicole on the 2017 International Day of Peace for some Mindful Yoga a Metta Meditation.
Being the change you wish to see in the world means beginning with oneself. Yoga & meditation are the perfect way to accomplish this.
Mindful Yoga is a contemplative for a restful inner atmosphere the prepares of the body & mind for meditation.
Metta Meditation is a beautiful support to other awareness practices, it is a loving-kindness meditation, a simple practice of directing well-wishes towards other people. It leads to a meditative state by being a counter to ill-will. It removes clinging to negative state of mind, by cultivating kindness unto all beings, including the individual.

There is NO CHARGE for this class and is acceptable for everyone.
Please be advised our studio space only allows for approximately 20 people comfortably, though one or two additional can be added.