To insure your yoga practice is done safely please observe some of the following guidelines when taking a class, it will make for a great experience.

  • Wear Comfortable Clothing, in which you can move freely; it is BEST to practice barefoot.
  • Ideally, practice on an empty stomach
  • Practice in a well ventilated room-that is neither too hot nor too cold.
  • Never strain or struggle to get into a pose. Move into, and out of, the postures gently, smoothly and with awareness. Do NOT push through tightness; it is much more effective and much safer to relax it away with awareness and with the breathe, thus facilitating a deeper opening.
  • Use common sense: honor contraindications and modifications suggested for a pose and/or breathing exercises-even if you “feel up to it”
  • If you have a physical condition that the contraindication indicates you should not do a particular pose/asana-DON’T DO IT!
  • NEVER COMPETE! This exposes oneself to injury, whether you are competing with others or yourself. Only do what YOUR body will allow TODAY!
  • In all poses, avoid swayback or over arching of the lower back. Tuck your tailbone, when necessary, to lengthen the lower spine.
    Remember your neck is PART of your spine. Keep it in line with the rest of the spine to avoid injury.
  • Avoid twisting your knees.
  • Avoid tensing the shoulders, keep the back of the neck extended , and the shoulder blades released, down the back.