Karma Community Yoga Classes

Please see Monthly Schedules for exact dates & times.
What’s a karma community yoga class??
A donation only class. All proceeds will be sent to a worthwhile charity, nonprofit organization, or community cause. These classes are suitable for all levels. We are asking for a donation of $5-but please pay what you can.

a minimum donation of $5
but please pay what you can.

**Please note to all current students at JBYS with prepaid packages….they re not applicable with these classes. Thank you for your understanding**


Just Breathe & Read Book Club!
December 9th at 5:45pm

We will be having yoga class FIRST, and follow with a book discussion after. Just Breathe & Read’s Yoga class will piggyback with the 5:45pm Beginner’s class, and everyone that comes to class will be invited to join us afterward for a little discussion and a few snacks as well!

The Book for December is….

Erin is a LOCAL author from Remsen, which Nicole met recently.
JBYS HAS 10 SIGNED copies of Erin’s book for those interested in reading the book this month… the cost including tax $14.

BOOK SUMMARY: Murder isn’t supposed to happen in quiet country communities, but as her neighbors slept on a chilly July night, her killer laughs and tosses Rachel Harteman, a pregnant housewife, from the bluff high above the shores of her home in upstate New York and into the frigid water below, watching her take her last breathe and disappear to a watery grave below. Her husband, the lone suspect has no alibi and had been heard fighting with her moments before her screams were heard as she plummeted to her death. A quick trial, easy conviction follows, and Henry Harteman is sentenced to life in prison. Case closed and life went back to normal in the sleepy town on Oneida Lake; except Rachel won’t rest until the motive for her murder is revealed. Thirty years later when Nicole Brentwood sets her sights on a dilapidated lake front estate, her husband Jared has no idea what he’s in for, but knows it’s futile to attempt to change his wife’s mind. Both quickly realize that they are in over their heads when it becomes apparent that their new home not only came with the previous owner’s furniture, but with the previous owner!


Relax & Renew with Candlelight
December 4th & 18th at 5:30pm

Experience the meditative focus and intensity of practicing yoga in a studio only illuminated by candlelight. All the soothing music and soft glow of the candles melt away the stresses and tensions of the week. An all levels class, this class is open to everyone. An excellent way to begin your weekend. ** This class is an hour & 30 minute class**